Caesarstone Fireplace Surrounds, a Trend in Modern Home Designs

What makes a modern home so alluring? The sleek lines, rich tones and exquisite finishes. To achieve this, many designers and homeowners are choosing Caesarstone surfaces not only for floors, walls and countertops, but for fireplace surrounds, as well. As a luxurious amenity on its own, a fireplace can only be made more luxurious with materials that optimize its form and function.  

With a wide spectrum of Caesasrtone colours, patterns and finishes to choose from, you can create a striking fireplace design that becomes an essential element in the overall design. A Caesarstone surround can create contrast with tones and textures. It can add architectural interest. It can transform the fireplace into an eye-catching focal point. 

High performance is guaranteed with a Caesartone fireplace surround. How many other surfaces do you know come with a lifetime warranty? Not many, but Caesarstone ranks higher in durability and resistance than granite, laminate and solid surfaces. Specifically important for fireplace surrounds, Caesarstone has a uniquely high heat resistance, which outperforming even natural granite. 

For inspiration, here are some examples of modern fireplace designs with Caesarstone surrounds. 

caesarstone fireplace 1 resized 600
caesarstone fireplace 2 resized 600
caesarstone fireplace 3 resized 600
caesarstone fireplace 4 resized 600

If you like the idea of a beautiful fireplace surround with a lifetime warranty but tend to prefer more traditional or transitional style interiors, Caesarstone may still be the design solution for you. Simply combine a Caesarstone surround with a paneled frame and crown moulding mantel to create a classic look that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your traditional style home. 


caesarstone fireplace 5 resized 600

And while a fireplace surround may be one unique and creative way to apply Caesarstone surfaces, you don't have to stop there. For example, this bold table was achieved with the vivid Apple Martini Caesarstone.